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Our Services

Dr. Hardee Consulting is a resource for corporate and nonprofit organizations wishing to evaluate, enhance and expand their capabilities in their communities. Through partnerships with us, these organizations gain the ability to assess their programs, the resources needed to serve their clients better, and the opportunity to improve the quality of their services.

Program Development & Quality Improvement

Assist agencies with the program and strategic planning, evaluation, and implementation that supports their continuous quality improvement and long-term sustainability.

Data Analysis

Provides primary and secondary data analysis and synthesis, data merging and aggregation, web-based data management design, and systems operation for partners.

Policy, Systems & Environmental Changes

Lead collaborative, public policy, and advocacy efforts that benefit healthcare and community systems.

Community Engagement & Research 

Collaborate with organizations and community partners on research projects that foster health promotion, prevention, and intervention.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism

Assist partners with the implementation of evidence-based practices, cultural competencies, and health/behavioral health intervention.

Experiential Learning

Mentor high school, undergraduate, graduate, and early-career professionals to prepare them for careers in community health and health disparities research.

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